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Expertise in financial solutions across the commodity value chain

Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) is a European Merchant Bank that helps our customers find financing solutions for trade and trade-associated assets across the commodity value chain. We provide a wide spectrum of products to commodity traders, producers, transport companies and financial institutions.

Solutions for Producers

Asset-based finance

Structured commodity finance

Borrowing bases

Solutions for Traders


Transactional finance

Risk participations

Solutions for Ship Owners

Asset-based finance

Pre-delivery finance

Post-delivery finance

Solutions for Processors

Asset-based finance

Borrowing base finance

Transactional financing

Delivering on traditional values, building on innovation

Our interactions with clients and financial institutions are based on collaboration and trust, traditional values that have allowed us to build close, long-term partnerships.


We build long-term partnerships with parties across the commodity value chain.


Innovation is what allows us to achieve sustained success. We work with expert partners to deliver new banking technology, taking a modular approach.


Trust is the foundation of our relationships with customers, partners and regulators. We establish this trust by being transparent and reliable and by demonstrating our expertise.


We work with medium-size to large corporations with a presence in or trade flows linked to Europe.