Management Board

The Management Board is collectively responsible for the management of Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) and the general course of affairs at ATB. Each member of the Board has specific roles and responsibilities.

Management Board members possess a thorough knowledge of the financial sector in general and the banking sector in particular. Each member of the Management Board is required to act in accordance with the interest of ATB and its business and is aware of the social role of a bank and of the interests of the various stakeholders.

The members of the Management Board are appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders after nomination by the Supervisory Board. Taking into account the risk appetite approved by the Supervisory Board, the Management Board ensures a balanced assessment between the commercial interests of ATB and the associated risks.

In accordance with best practices, the Management Board submits ATB's operational and financial objectives and strategy documentation to the Supervisory Board for consideration and approval.

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Khadija el Ayoubi
Corporate Secretary