Amsterdam Trade Bank announces first ever securitisation transaction with Citibank

Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V. announces its first ever securitisation of a portfolio consisting of performing shipping loans. The transaction is arranged by Citibank and securitises a diversified portfolio of performing shipping loans, with borrowers located in a number of traditional shipping jurisdictions. The financing is in the form of a non-recourse four-year term US dollar funding, backed by a loan portfolio with an aggregated outstanding amount of approximately US$250 million. Citibank is providing the senior funding and Amsterdam Trade Bank is retaining the junior exposure to the portfolio.

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5th International Conference of the Association of Foreign Banks

Petra Oudshoorn participated in the panel discussion regarding the challenges and solutions of sustainable finance during the 5th international conference of...

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Appointment of Ruut Meijer

Ruut Meijer will be appointed as Member of the Supervisory Board of Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V.

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Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V. publishes its annual report 2017

We are pleased to announce the publication of the annual report 2017.  View our full 2017 annual report here

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ATB takes a firm foothold in Rotterdam through cooperation with COUNT

In een fase van groei van een onderneming zoek je altijd naar een partner die jou begrijpt. Die hebben we gevonden in Amsterdam Trade Bank. Samen zijn we een...

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ATB Future Female Leaders

We proudly share with you that the first ATB colleagues graduated from the Future Female Leadership program on Friday 20 April!

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Appointment of Marinus Moolenburgh

Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V. (ATB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Marinus Moolenburgh as Managing Director Structured Commodity Solutions, effective 1 March 2018.

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ATB is 'Moving your business forward' -Rijnmond BUSINESS

Find out how Amsterdam Trade Bank is helping its customers' move their business forward, covered by Rijnmond BUSINESS Read the article here  or checkout the...

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Appointment of Cees Heilig, CMA

Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V. (ATB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Cees Heilig, CMA as Managing Director Business Development & Strategy, effective 1 January 2018.

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ATB Statement

We are aware that the Public Prosecutor is conducting an investigation into possible breaches of provisions of Dutch regulations concerning client due...

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