ATB partners with UWC to educate for peace and impact

Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) partners with United World Colleges (UWC) to educate for peace and impact

Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) announced a partnership with United World Colleges (UWC), the Netherlands to contribute to a better world through education. ATB will provide Dutch students with the opportunity to attend one of the 17 UWC colleges worldwide and international students to study at UWC Maastricht. UWC, the Netherlands enables ATB to invest in young people and the education of future leaders, one of ATB’s priorities.

Both ATB, a specialised trade finance institution, and UWC, the international educational organisation for peace and impact, promote diversity and education as a tool for understanding today’s global climate and facilitating international communication and cooperation.

“As an international trade bank we understand that intercultural trust and collaboration are at the root of successful partnerships. By educating the leaders of tomorrow to play a meaningful role in an ever more complex society, we believe ATB can contribute to the stimulation of global innovation and success.”
-Harris Antoniou, CEO of ATB 

 ATB will support UWC students as of the class 2018. For ATB, supporting UWC is part of its objective of engaging with the local and global communities it operates in.

About Amsterdam Trade Bank

Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V. (ATB) is a fully licensed specialized financial institution focused on the entire spectrum of international commodity finance (grain, metals and energy) as well as shipping and asset based financing. ATB serves a wide spectrum of customers active in all aspects of international trade, whether commodity traders, ship owners or companies otherwise involved in the global logistics chain. Additionally, ATB offers consumer savings and deposit products in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. ATB is located in Amsterdam, historically one of the most important financial, commodity, maritime and technology hubs in the world. ATB is perfectly positioned to find solutions to the challenges its customers face, and to offer a distinct set of products to clients that require trade and structured asset financing.

About United World Colleges

In today’s turbulent world Educating for peace and impact is more urgent than ever. For over 50 years United World Colleges (UWC) has been contributing to intercultural understanding, tolerance, sustainability and cooperation through excellent International Baccalaureate education in an international context. We select our students with 150 nationalities based on their ambition, potential and commitment and help them develop into future leaders: social, resourceful, creative and passionate. Our 60,000 alumni worldwide contribute every day to a more peaceful and sustainable world.
In The Netherlands we enter into partnerships with individuals, foundations, corporates, governments and alumni to give as many as possible students in The Netherlands the opportunity to take ownership of the UWC mission: UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. We create partnerships in co-creation and always based on mutual values.
• Educating for peace and impact since 1962.
• 17 schools worldwide, 150 nationalities of students and staff.
• Two-year International Baccalaureate education (Dutch 5&6 vwo).
• Plus short programmes in and around Dutch schools and a summer programme: UWC xperience.
• Extensive social services programme of (250+ hours per student in two years), mostly student-initiated and student-led.
• High IB scores compared to regular IB schools.
• UWC scholarship programme, meeting all demonstrated financial need. Parents contribute according to their means.
• Worldwide network of 60,000 alumni and 3,000 national committee volunteers.

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