ATB reports 2017 half year results

Amsterdam Trade Bank(ATB) reports half year results for the year 2017

During the first half of 2017 ATB continued to roll out its business plan, deliver improved performance and recapitalize its balance sheet. Our capital position was further strengthened by an additional Tier 1 capital injection of € 30 million.
Subsequently, the key financials as at 30 June 2017 (unaudited) demonstrate the solid financial base of the bank.

• Balance Sheet Total: € 1.1 billion
• Net profit: € 11.8 million
• Total capital ratio ("BIS-ratio"): 27.8%
• CET1 capital ratio: 23.2%
• Own funds (total capital): € 210.7 million (out of which € 175.7 million is representing Equity)

With these ratios we fully comply with all regulatory requirements on solvency and liquidity.
The improved capital base will be used to support further growth of our core business in accordance with the new strategy.