Future Female Leaders @ ATB

2 ATB female employees have participated in the training that was started recently by Future Female Leaders.

ATB is committed towards personal development ambition of its employees and helps them in realizing their goals. 2 of the ATB’s female employees have participated in the second session of Future Female Leaders, which will be about 9 months long course. The course is attended by similarly aspiring female employees of other respected organizations, which not only brings in the experience and talent from across the board, but also allows them to build a network outside their own industry.

Future Female Leaders (Individual) Program: The Future Female Leaders Program is for young, female talents who have the ambition and the potential to reach the top of your (profit or not for profit) organization. The FFL Program reinforces the talent and ability of these young women by making them stronger, more versatile, resilient, more effective and more creative. In the early stages of their career, they learn to recognize and act on different business processes and the unwritten game of influence and profiling. Read more about the FFL program here.

Future Female Leaders