The role of Dutch banks in the commodity value chain

Wednesday 8th May Amsterdam Trade Bank hosted a round table discussion on ‘The role of Dutch banks in the commodity value chain’.

Harris Antoniou welcomed Anthony van Vliet (ING), Michaela Hofman (ABNAMRO), Jasper van Schaik (Rabobank), Erhan Zeyneloglu (Garanti Bank), Senol Aloglu (Credit Europe Bank), a discussion amongst peers on the latest economic and societal trends that are changing our market, including regulation, compliance, sustainability, geopolitics, available talent and technology. 

A first of the kind, this roundtable gathered the top brass of Commodity Financiers and will hopefully be a first in a long series of debates! We will aim to strengthen and promote the Dutch commodity trading and financing hub, that rhymes with tradition, expertise and vitality.

The discussion was expertly moderated by Dr. Wouter Jacobs of Erasmus’ University. The presence of  Jonathan Bell, an enlightened commentator of the commodities universe did not go unnoticed and pre-empted the festivities of TXF’s Global Commodity Finance conference held in Amsterdam later in the month.