Director Corporates

Corporates is responsible for originating deals and managing relationships in the area of corporates in The Netherlands, selected countries in Western and Eastern Europe and the CIS. Focus on assisting the exporters in improving their ability to finance exports. It is the aim of the Corporates department to maintain and increase customer base, products, transactions, and to supervise the security level in transactions.​ 

The Director of Corporates is primarily responsible to originate profitable deals in the area of corporates and to assume responsibility for his/her part of the operation of the team Corporates, to be involved in client relationships as well as to conduct operational management of the staff within the team Corporates and overseeing the day-to-day operation of the underlying business such as the ongoing credit facility management and the expansion of the team’s loan portfolio. Also, the Director takes on responsibility for the origination of new transactions and leads on various aspects of the credit application and review as well as the ongoing management of existing loans, including but not limited to (overseeing the) the drafting and timely submission of new credit applications/reviews/memos and managing any relevant documentation (i.e. finance documents), making of financial analyses and forecasts, assessing of vessel/fleet condition and client performance, conducting ABF market research and Know-Your-Customer (‘KYC’) assessments.​ The Director of Corporates is highly involved in designing and responsible for execution of the commercial strategy.

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